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Edy Nathan, MA, LCSWR, CST

The Sexual Grief Effect Response in Trauma: An Experiential Workshop Using Psychodrama

Embark on a Journey of Healing and Transformation

Sexual grief presents in the aftermath of a predatory sexual event or a developmental traumatic experience and may include gender identification, menopause, erectile dysfunction, and religious trauma syndrome (RST).


Join Edy for this didactic and experiential workshop and walk away with a new perspective called Sexual Grief that you can integrate into your current work in trauma, couples, and relationship therapy. Edy will give you the language and interventions to help your clients process and live a re-envisioned future.


Why attend this immersion day?

As clinicians, we discuss sexual trauma. We discuss developmental trauma, but we don’t discuss the disenfranchised grief that impedes the client’s ability to be intimate and to access desire.

Conversations around sex can be uncomfortable for us – and for the client. But not having the conversation means we miss the client’s underlying Sexual Grief.

Now is the time to learn from Edy Nathan, MA, LCSWR, CST, founder of the Sexual Grief Effect so you can feel confident in recognizing and treating this very private, and often hidden issue through psychodrama, role-play, and mask making. She is an author, speaker, licensed therapist, certified sex therapist, hypnotherapist and certified EMDR practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience practicing in New York. She has presented internationally on this topic to clinicians.

Learning objectives

1. Differentiate Sexual Grief Effect from grief and loss surrounding death and dying.

2. Assess clients for the predatory events or developmental experiences surrounding sexuality, LGBTQAI+, religious trauma, menopause, and aging.

3. Describe psychosocial experiences that often accompany Sexual Grief.

4. Utilizing Psychodrama and mask making, you will practice assessment and interview techniques as you create targeted dialogues that help reveal the Sexual Grief Effect.

5. Demonstrate six negotiation strategies, and the P.L.A.N.K, as a guide to recognize and integrate challenges associated with this response found in those coping with sexually traumatic incidents.

I Sexual Grief Essentials for All Therapists

  • Exploring why grief and sex are often clinically avoided with clients.
  • An expanded view on using grief and sexual history, from birth to present, to understand where the responses to loss get embedded.
  • How to use masks in session to reveal hidden emotions related to the Sexual Grief Effect – no artistry required!

II Sexual Trauma and the Sexual Grief Effect

  • Developmental lens within Sexual Grief and how it manifests in our clients’ lives
  • Predatory lens within Sexual Grief such as rape and incest
  • Personal and social identity losses, identity change, and the transgender client
  • Developmental Sexual Grief: the impact of rigid and religion-based concepts
  • LGBTQIA+ The Sexual Grief Effect and Emotional Response Crisis
  • For women: Sexual Grief and menopause
  • For men: Sexual Grief and erectile dysfunction
  • Case studies

III The Clinical Assessment: Seeking out Sexual Grief Effect Using Psychodrama

  • Overcoming clients’ resistance to discussion
  • The “warning label” we all wear: reading the signs of avoidance.
  • Spiritual breakdown: allowing space for spiritual loss
  • Creating safety

IV Practical Strategies to Integrate Psychodrama and Role-Play in Therapy

  • The Curious Listener
  • Empathy with Energy
  • Meeting of the Mindset
  • Warning Label Approach
  • Change and Action
  • In Sync for Body and Mind

Event starts on

September 11th 2024

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