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Linda Thai

Healing the Legacy of Historical and Transgenerational Trauma: Addressing the Ambiguous Losses of Adult Children of Refugees and Immigrants

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Children of refugees and immigrants, and former child refugees and immigrants experience unique challenges in adulthood that are often under-recognized and overlooked by mental health professionals. 

Join Linda Thai as she weaves together stories and research to bring to light the intergenerational impact of forced migration.


What you'll experience

Forty to fifty per cent of refugees are children. Children’s brains are very neuroplastic, and as a result, young refugees often quickly assimilate to their host nation, leading to challenges in adulthood that are often easily overlooked – or even pathologized – by many mental health professionals.

This larger landscape of traumatic grief, traumatic loss, traumatic homesickness and the ambiguity of these unnameable, unmetabolized experiences has a transgenerational impact that needs to be named in order to be healed.

Learning objectives

  1. Differentiate between refugees and immigrants.
  2. Lateralize the conceptualization of refugees to encompass the experiences of others who have sought refuge.
  3. Identify the main stages of a refugee journey.
  4. Explain intergenerational trauma to encompass the impact of forced migration, combined with acculturation and enculturation pressures, upon the next generation.
  5. Engage in clinical discernment about forced migration when history-taking a client’s genogram.
  6. Discuss expressions of ambiguous grief, traumatic grief and traumatic homesickness associated with generation 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 refugees.
  7. Identify how the decontextualization of historical trauma can result in the pathologizing and stereotyping of cultures, families and individuals.
  8. Engage in at least five somatic techniques to expand nervous system capacity for grief and reclamation.
  9. Identify at least ten expressions – emotionally, psychologically, and behaviorally – of unmetabolized grief, at the individual, family, cultural and societal levels
  10. Engage in expressive arts therapies (song, music, movement, art, story-telling and silence) as containers, expressions and metabolizers of grief.

Event starts on

September 11th 2024

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