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Tickets for our highly-anticipated evening events are now available! We are excited to invite you to bring a guest; just add an extra ticket when you place your order.

Prepare for an extraordinary experience. This is your chance to be part of a celebration that embodies the true spirit of the Master Series | Oxford. Join us in a warm and relaxed atmosphere as we connect and enjoy each other’s company.

Magic & Laughter​

Wednesday 11th September 2024

Join us for a captivating evening in Christ Church College, the ‘Great Hall’ from Harry Potter, this 3-course dinner includes stand-up sketch by Ruby Wax. ​

Music & Dancing

Friday 13th September 2024

An unforgettable evening of celebration as we transform the historic Town Hall into a dazzling venue for a 3-course dinner with Hungarian music, a live band and the invitation to dance.

Single ticket £175 / $219 / €204 GBP & EUR prices as of current exchange rate on 02/05/24
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Select an immersion Day

Please select one Immersion Day from the list below to include with your package. You will receive an in person ticket for the selected immersion day, and virtual access to the full conference, including 90 days of recordings, with your purchase

Trauma, Attachment, and Neuroscience with Bessel & Licia
Unlock Healing, Transform Inner Conflict, and Embrace Your True Self with Richard Schwartz
The Cultural Burden of White Supremacy Culture & The Path Toward Collective Healing with Deran Young​
Unlock the Transformative Power of Mindsight with Dan Siegel
Unlocking the Living Legacy of Trauma with Janina Fisher
Too Much of Nothing Introducing Neglect-Informed Psychotherapy with Ruth Cohn
The Sexual Grief Effect Response in Trauma with Edy Nathan
High Impact Relational Therapy with Terry Real
Healing the Legacy of Historical and Transgenerational Trauma with Linda Thai
Explore The Myth of Normal with Gabor Maté