Exhibitor: Samarpan


Samarpan is part of the Abheraj Baldota Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility arm of MSPL Ltd which is an established company for over 6 decades with interests in mining, power, aviation, shipping and exploration across India.

Samarpan was founded with the vision of bringing world class Mental Health and Addiction services to India, both in Residential and Outpatient Settings. Our head office is situated in Mumbai.

Our Residential Treatment Program based in Pune, Maharashtra opened in March 2022 and caters for 23 clients at any one time. Samarpan offers evidence-based treatment interventions including the proven integrated treatment program, delivered by credentialed and experienced therapists and supported by highly qualified healthcare professionals.

The core programme of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, 12 Step Facilitation, Interpersonal Process Groups and Relapse Prevention is supplemented by complementary therapy sessions such as art therapy, yoga, mindfulness, massage therapy, reiki, as well as physical therapy, to ensure overall wellness.

As part of our treatment approach, sessions are also conducted with partners and the family, including our family day where client’s families are given educational sessions facilitated by staff and also people in recovery, as well as conjoint sessions with the client, so that the family are involved in the treatment process, and most importantly the post treatment process.

Opened in 2020, our Outpatient service which is located in Mumbai, offers a menu of services including Intensive Out Patient Programs for Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Individual Counselling Services, Psychiatric Consultations and Psychological assessments.

Our continuum of care enables us to meet the needs of individuals with an emphasis on following recognized guidelines in allocating the appropriate program for the individual based on a thorough assessment of need.

As an organization there is a focus on ensuring that our staff are qualified in the areas that they work in and continue to develop professionally. As part of Samarpan’ s ongoing development, the centre is working towards CARF Accreditation, and all of our therapists are fully trained in the Gorski-CENAPS model of Relapse Prevention therapy with the centre moving towards being recognized as a centre of excellence.

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