Exhibitor: NEOVIVA


Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Switzerland, NEOVIVA is a fully licensed medical institution by the Swiss government, dedicated to transforming lives with a simple yet profound vision: to change lives. Our private boutique rehab clinic, small and exceptional, excels in delivering personal care through therapeutic innovation in a real-life setting.

At NEOVIVA, our focus is clear: we treat addiction and its underlying disorders. Our expertise in this complex field is unparalleled, with programmes meticulously tailored to deliver the best outcomes. We employ a blend of psychotherapy, rTMS, mindfulness training, and relapse prevention to ensure comprehensive care and cutting-edge methods.

At the heart of NEOVIVA’s success is our international team of compassionate addiction specialists. Each member of our multilingual and culturally sensitive staff brings a wealth of experience and dedication, ensuring exceptional support and treatment. United by their commitment to medical excellence and a deep understanding of addiction, our team creates a nurturing environment where clients can form meaningful connections and achieve lasting recovery.

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