Exhibitor: BEE Medic

BEE Medic

It has always been the concern of BEE Medic to make effective and ever better Neurofeedback available to more and more therapists and patients.

The brand BEE Medic stands for modern Neurofeedback – especially ILF-, Alpha-Theta and synchrony Neurofeedback – which is taught and successfully used in practices, clinics and research worldwide.

The development of this symptom-based and individual Neurofeedback approach is based on the commitment of Sue and Siegfried Othmer.

In addition to products for EEG-based technologies for neurofeedback and ERP/EEG diagnostics, BEE Medic offers practical neurofeedback courses in cooperation with training institutes worldwide for professional users working in the medical and therapeutic fields who want to learn modern, effective neurofeedback.

Our training partners teach neurofeedback with enthusiasm and are constantly developing our concepts. The instructors are practitioners who use neurofeedback themselves on a daily basis in their own clinics and practices.

Therefore, the courses listed on this website focus on self-experience with a high proportion of practical training in order to learn symptom-based work. A therapeutic, medical background is required for this, because we see it as an important task and part of our responsibility to give effective neurofeedback only into the hands of professional users.

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